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New Mom Care Kit

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Life in human beings is forwarded by women by performing the nature’s greatest magic i.e., giving birth to a child. As life begins here, this should be the starting point for its preservation too. 

According to many the post partum disorder is not a very serious problem it can be ignored.

But, lots of health problems such as endocrine disorders, excessive weight loss or gain, chronic reproductive problems and even arthritis start to take seed in this postpartum time.

If mother is carefully nurtured, she and the baby will benefit by avoiding most common health disorders associated with this time (such as colic or other digestive problems, insomnia, irritability or baby fussiness and postpartum depression).

Postpartum depression and fatigue are well known in modern life.

If the recovery is not complete, if the mother is left feeling fatigued and exhausted, then this unfortunate state becomes the ground of future disease and discomfort.

When the body is not recovered properly, it can manifest as chronic fatigue, stress, hemorrhoids, irritability, depression, digestive problems, and other chronic disorders.

Often women say, “This whole condition — feeling unhappy and tired all the time, never feeling well–started with the birth of my child.”

Ancient texts say the window is "Forty-Two Days for Forty-Two Years"- for SPECIAL timely care for Mother and Baby comfort, happiness, and health. AND we know it is never too late to restore balance. All mothers can find support with personalized attention to restoring balance in their system.

We share the ancient and Ayurvedic medical knowledge that for a normal healthy birth, a woman and her community should respect her special needs and plan for her special care for at least these 42 days right after birth. This unique and fragile window of time is longer with surgery or other extra challenges to the body or emotion.

Why is care necessary during post-partum?

Giving birth to a child is like completing a big marathon!

It takes an estimated 75000 calories to make a baby!

This shows giving birth is, both physical and emotional draining. One may feel at a loss of energy to look after oneself. It is essential, therefore, to have a healthy diet. Post-parturition nutrition is the most important aspect of this magical creation of life. But unfortunately, postparturition nutrition is the least planned about. A lot of energy is required to look after the baby, breast-feed the baby and self-recuperation.

To meet the demands of breast-feeding it is advised to have an extra 450 calories per day in 1st month, extra 530 calories per day in 2nd month and extra 570 calories per day in 3rd month!

That's not a reason not to breastfeed – breast milk is certainly the best food for the newborn – but it is a reason to take extra care with nutrition.

Our New Mom Care kit takes care of the nutritional needs of the body and helps it to return to the pre-pregnancy stage by helping the hormone levels to come back to normal stage without affecting the body.

The kit contains:

1)      Matr-care:

Matr-care is a preparation to balance the hormonal imbalance in women and to correct the vata, pitta and kapha imbalance. Matr-care is used to: Speed up recovery from labor and childbirth, promote healing of perineal damage from the inside out , relieve the aches and pains experienced after labor, assist with healing after a caesarean birth, relieve digestive discomfort and prevent constipation, impart a sense of calm and relaxation.

Suggested use: Take one capsule three times a day after meals.

2)    Dashmool Oil:

Whole body massage with warm dashmool taila balances    vata dosa, (which is deranged in post partum period) thereby relieving from body aches.

Suggested use: - whole body massages with warm oil & there after take a warm shower & keep the body covered.