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Party Lover's Kit

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Ayurveda knows how to deal with the overconsumption of alcohol and all that comes along with it. Headaches, dullness, inability to focus, nausea, and dizziness and so on – are all symptoms of excess Pitta. Drinking too much alcohol aggravates Pitta in everyone, no matter what your leading dosha is. Eventually it damages the stomach and liver and can lead to serious illnesses.

The beauty of this Ayurveda is – it not only helps you to get rid of hangover, but also has other health benefits such as protecting stomach from gastritis, relieving burning sensation etc. 

Our party lover’s care kit helps you overcome the side-effects of alcohol consumption including hang-over. The kit contains:

1)     1)  Hango-fix:  Hango fix is an ayurvedic medicine for alcoholism and alcohol drinking related disorders.

   Suggested use: 10-12 gm twice a day with water or as advised by an Ayurvedic Doctor.

2)      2) Camouflage:

   Camouflage is an ayurvedic preparation to treat oral foul smell.

    Suggested use: 1-2 vatis as a lozenge three to four times a day after meals or after any kind of intake orally or as advised by an     Ayurvedic Doctor

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