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Child Care Kit

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Children with poor immunity are prone to frequent infections. Strengthening a child’s immune system may keep him/her from succumbing to infection after infection – especially at season change time when germs abound and the weather makes all more vulnerable to infection.

Nature has set us up with all the equipment we need to be perfectly healthy. Health is our natural state, and ill health is unnatural. Every day our systems are exposed to literally millions of bacteria, viruses, allergens, even carcinogens, and yet our immune system has the intelligence and skill to deal with all those invaders and keep us healthy.

However, when stress (exams/tests), inadequate nutrition (eating junk food), or just fatigue weakens the immune system, those same invaders may produce disease.

Signs of an Immunity Battle:

The following symptoms can be an indication of a weakened immune system:

             Frequent cough, cold and fever.

             Chronic fatigue and listlessness.

             Repeated infections.

             Allergic reactions like asthma and eczema.

             Slow wound healing.

             Chronic diarrhea.

Infections that represent an overgrowth of some normally present organisms such as oral thrush           

             Candidiasis or vaginal yeast infections (in girls).

 Healthy digestive system along with a healthy immune system is the mainstay of good health. According to Ayurveda, healthy digestion plays an integral part in establishing good health and well-being. When the digestive system fails to function optimally, the body becomes congested, blocking circulation and inhibiting movement of toxins out of the body. Therefore, it is imperative that people work to establish good digestion.

 Our Child’s Immunity and Health Care kit is a uniquely effective kit specially designed to help children (1-16 years) stay well. Formulated to activate specific and general immune factors and correcting digestive disorders, it promotes healthy immune function and helps revitalize immune activity, especially in the nose, throat, bronchi, lungs and intestines.

Taken daily it provides continuous long term support for children's immune systems and digestive system and helps them maintain good health, even when they are experiencing stress or adrenal fatigue.

 The Child’s Immunity and Health Care Kit contains:

1)     Double-edge:

Double-edge improves the secretion of enzymes heightening the receptivity of brain's feeding center to stimuli of sight, smell and taste, tones up the efficiency of the digestive system, digests and assimilates mixed meals of carbohydrates and proteins. It acts both as an appetizer as well as a digestive. It is a good rejuvenator with anti-oxidant action.

 Suggested use: Take one/two tablespoon three times a day.

 2)  The shield:   

The shield is an ayurvedic immune potentiator and immune protection formulation. The shield is a non-hormonal, non-toxic composition to increase body resistance and to help restore the normal functioning of the body by providing recuperative tonic support. It is a tonic, invigorative, age-sustainer and anabolic agent. It also acts as haemostatic, refrigerant and as an anti-spasmodic.

The shield helps fight decrease in immunity level, fatigue & lethargy, generalized aches & pains, dryness of skin, abdominal discomfort.

 Suggested use: Take one tablespoon twice or thrice a day after meals.



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